One day I'm sitting in the backyard near the edge of the woods eating a bagged lunch that my mom packed for me. Slowly a small, hungry, curious dinosaur pokes its head out of the woods.

I know if it were me (and I told this story to my kids many times when they were very small) I'd run to the house and tell my mom I needed a pile of sandwiches and big thermos of lemonade. So that's what I did.

Mom asked why I needed so many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and I'd answered, "I met a dinosaur in the woods. He looks very hungry."

My mom had a sixth sense about my imagination and hungry dinosaurs, so we slathered up a whole sleeve of bread with peanut butter & jelly and mixed up a gallon of lemonade [wouldn't you?). I threw all the sandwiches into my wagon, hoping the dinosaur would still be in the backyard.

The dinosaur was waiting for me! We shared our lunch (I'm not sure he had ever had a PB&J sandwich) and after an hour or so my new friend gave me what I think was a smile and a nod of the head, and lumbered back into the woods.

To this day I haven't figured out what he told HIS mom about our lunch. But, I never saw this dinosaur again. I wonder what he's doing now? Did he tell his kids this story?

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